Let's storm heaven with prayer for the miracles we need! Send me your prayer need and I will pray, FERVENTLY!

I posted on Facebook a request for all those who were in need of a miracle. I told them that I would seek God for them in fervent prayer. The response was overwhelming.

I began praying and speaking the name of each person who wrote to me and I interceded on their behalf. I prayed all day and into the night.

A strong spirit of intercession fell on me and I was consumed with crying out to God for his people.

The various needs for miracles were outstanding. Cancer, sickness, dying loved ones.
There were some who were suffering in their bodies, pain, drug addiction and dependence.
Others had recieved "bad reports" of tumors in the brain, thyroid, breast etc.

Some sought God's touch for a miracle in their family, finances and children.
There was numerous miracles needed for a job or job loss.

Sadly some had lost their faith or walked away from God. Others were weary and stopped praying and some quit going to church.

Broken lives, broken hearts, broken marriages... and the list goes on.

I was especially moved by the many sick children. So young, suffering with illness.

At times I could not stop weeping from compassion and pity. I was consumed with prayer. All day long I sought the King of Kings. I kept it up late into the night.

I prayed for the needs of the Body of Christ. When the sun came up, I could not stop the tears and the intercessions continued. More prayer requests poured in.

Then suddenly, the reports of miracles and answered prayer came in. I shouted with joy.

I was remindedm that I was once a drug addict, physically, emotionally and sexually abused.
I had abortions and sinned in the worst way.

I was a practicing witch and demon possessed. I was suicidal and put in a mental institution.

I was an outcast, a violent person, full of hate and bitterness.
When I had recieved a report that my liver was failing and I was dying, I was glad! Death opened it's door and in my demented mental state I saw it as an escape.

Then one day, a woman began to pray for me... She was tenacious! She refused to let go of God concerning me.

And her prayers turned my life around.

Dear friend,I believe in prayer and I believe in miracles! God is able.

I am a living witness that He is willing to perform a miracle even on the worst of all sinners.
I will pray for you.

Send me your needs. I will love you and pray for u just like Linda Smith prayed for me...

Then you too will see your MIRACLE!


Marike said...

Hi Carol, I urgently need money to continue with my studies. I need 50% deposit BEFORE 4 MARCH and i don't even have a cent! Please pray - I don't feel like I have the courage to ask God for anything right now.

Val said...

I come into agreement that God desires to see all of His people well in this season of Miracles;Signs;and Wonders!!!

There are so many people Hurting out there Ms. Carol, it's like everyone is an island unto themselves. Thanks for reaching out, and we can heal each other one prayer at a time!!

Thanks so much for bombarding Heaven on behalf of God's people, who better to help pray them through them one who has overcome or is overcoming daily...Thank you again I celebrate you!!

I also receive my Miracle of Emotional healing and Restoration of God's Joy back to my life!!! Thank You....Thank You...Thank You...

The Fervent Prayers are Availing Much...your FB Friend Dios!!!

Val said...

Dear Carol,

There are a lot of hurting people out here who feel like they are so alone...Thank you for taking the time to reach out to each of us!!!

I receive my Miracle yesterday from emotional healing and the restoration of my Joy back from the Lord!!! I will never be the same again...I celebrate you Women of God.... From God's Overcomer Dios!!!

Anonymous said...

Well your article helped me very much in my college assignment. Hats off to you post, will look ahead for more cognate articles in a jiffy as its one of my pet topic to read.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol. I don't know if I was saved at one of your presentations in Brampton, but I know for sure the day you preached I knew I was saved. I purchased almost all of your CD's and DVD's that day and one of your books. I just finished watching one called Spirit Soul and Body. I have a couple of prayer requests... The first one is the most urgent for me. My sister is on all of these prescription drugs, she used to be a cutter and taking a lot of illegal drugs. She is being treated but nothing is working... I live in a house where I believe people's views on God and Christians are very skewed. My mom welcomes my encouragement to my sister but advised me not to talk to her about God. I know that He is the only thing who can free her. Please let Him save her, let her have a testimony like yours, and let my parents and other family members know that it was Him who set her free... that He is real and is for every one of the family not just me.... My other prayer request is not clear, but I am just gonna ask you that you would pray for me that I would be alert to His spirit, open enough to listen, wise enough to pray - killing the flesh and not quenching the spirit..and continually renewing my mind. I ask all these things... that my sister, mother, father and brother would be miraculously saved and transformed and renewed.. and me..! in Jesus name... AMEN! - signed off as Verena.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Mike said...

Pray for total reconciliation with my long distance girlfriend Dawn. Back in February our Valentines plans fell through and we were not capable of seeing each other, I was unkind to her on the phone the following Friday. Now, two months later she has not forgiven me those words, thinks we will never be in the same town, and wants to “be friends”. I want her total forgiveness for those words, her continued total forgiveness always, her to like me always, her to love me always, and her to marry me. That God would miraculously provide funds over- abundantly to move me to Dawn, or to move her and her children to me, or that we could all move somewhere new. And, stand with me, against her ever “seeing” anyone else, and to drive a wedge between her and anyone else, forever.
Thank you for your agreement,

Anonymous said...

My dearest friend,
I have known you through many of the experiences your wonderful book tells those who will be very blessed when they read it. I know you have read me page after page for over a year. You really toned the book down. I just want people to know that a lot worse things you had to walk through before and after you were cleansed my the blood. We all have our crosses to bare and even when we are saved and washed in the blood we are attacked.
I pray many souls will be reclaimed and touched by your words. I just want to add that you have only scratched the surface of the life God pulled you out of. He is so good and merciful. You know as I do, we both don't deserve but are thankful that on this Father's day, even though our earthly fathers let us down,He will never let us down.
GOD bless you my sister.
Carolina (aka Anne).

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol, I saw you today on 100 Huntley St, and I want you to know I will be praying for you. I realize the powers of darkness must be very upset and angry that you are exposing them and helping so many captive to be set free. I pray protection over you and that you will be used more and more by the Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless you...I know He is. Luv, Marilyn

Journey of Faith said...

Hey Carol, My unborn child needs healing. She has been diagnosed with Thantophoric dysplasia. A lethal form of dwafism. She is not expected to live after she is born. We have been believing God for a total healing. We named her Faith.

Thank you.


Ann said...

Carol, I saw you last night on DayStar .....
as I watched you and listened to you I felt as though I was looking at my daughter. You were telling her story. The only difference is that she is still in bondage, however HOPE was ignited in my spirit and I believe that God can and will reach my daughter because like you said, if He did it for you, He can do it for others as well. Our tears and prayers never go unnoticed and we need Jesus and each other to make it through this life......hope to meet you someday..In His Hands, Ann

Christie Pride said...

Wow, if I could harnass the devotion to pray in this way - perhaps my life would be different. Praises to those who faithfully pray! Thank you for your diligence and faith. I could use prayer to really deepen my walk and freedom in the Lord and to KNOW His will intimately in my spirit ~ always ~ that I might better serve His people! I am stuck in some places but don't even know where....

Anonymous said...

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